I’m a hair & makeup professionally licensed cosmetologist based out of Colorado Springs, who is passionate about making women look our best so we can feel our best. I want to make women of all ages feel confident & enhance their natural beauty. I believe when you feel beautiful, you feel confident, you look confident. I love enhancing natural beauty because less is so much more. I’ve been in the industry for 8+ years, doing hair & makeup for commercial shoots such as Dr. Dee’s Animal Planet in Alaska, weddings, boudoir shoots, family portraits, editorials, and military balls, just to name a few. Being in this ever changing industry, there’s always something new or new-cycled so continuous education results in keeping up with the latest fads and trends, but my favorite look is timeless natural beauty. I grew up in sunny California, where I got the best of both worlds.. Napa wine country & San Francisco Bay Area, where I was first exposed to hair & makeup. They say when you’re doing what you love, you’re not working a day in your life. Half true, the paperwork can feel like you’re working a whole lot!

When I’m not doing hair and makeup, my 4 kids keep me on my toes, 3 girls & 1 boy, my poor son. My husband went from being an infantryman in the army to a firefighter, so he keeps me on my toes as well! I love coffee, coffee & more coffee. I love warm climates, probably due to my tropical background, so I’m not usually a fan of cold weather but I’ve fallen in love with fall. The trees colors, the taste of apple cider & more importantly.. that’s when my favorite (tv) shows come back on, Ha! I love that I get to share this time with my clients, I almost always cry when I see brides with their family & friends sharing these special moments.