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I had my first print photoshoot for an advertisement many moons ago. That door of opportunity opened up for me and I was excited. At the time, I didn’t know anything about hair and makeup for commercial shoots, advertisements or anything in that field. Growing up, all I knew was celebrity magazine makeup, perfume & hair advertisements. There were so much more in that world than that. After my first advertisement photoshoot, I realized that this was a much different environment, an entirely different world than the bridal industry. It was more fast-paced – “more makeup here”, “less makeup here”, “there’s a glare on his forehead”. The more I was on set, more situations with unique problems presented new solutions. You’re more than just a hair & makeup artist, you’re part of a team to turn a vision into reality.


Something that is really important in this field is sanitation. It’s important to not cross contaminate & pass germs on. For instance, eyeliners, brushes and lipsticks aren’t supposed to be used after each other without sanitation. There are many infectious diseases that can be transferred such as a stye, ringworm, conjunctivitis or even head lice. What I do for the actors & models is I get their own lipstick labeled with their name & that’s the one I use on them for the day or days, however long the production is. I typically have a bag with the products I used on them during shooting time, labeled with their name so I don’t forget which brush I used (Organization is key!). I have seen more & more models who get an eye infection shortly after another shoot and it’s usually due to a hair or makeup artist (usually an unlicensed cosmetologist or esthetician) who are not using these safe sanitation practices. It is my job to protect all those who sit in my chair.

Whether the size of the production, big or small, I can accommodate. I work with the best of the best in Colorado. You’ll want an amazing team of professionals to be on set for your production.

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Production work is based hourly, half or full day.

Kit & travel fees may apply.

Please contact me with a description of production, date(s), location(s).

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